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Around the World and On Your Own Street: The Impact of Dementia

September 18, 2015 — September is World Alzheimer’s Month. Each year, Alzheimer’s Disease International ( issues a report to raise awareness of the disease and its impact on families. According to this year’s report, the cost of dementia care has increased by 35 percent in just five years. Says the report, “If global dementia care were a country, it... Read More

When a Senior is Injured, Call the Geriatrician

September 17, 2015 — September is Healthy Aging Month—a great time to focus on ways to keep seniors active and engaged! Exercise and getting out and about into the community are so important for senior well-being. But, with physical activity comes a risk of injury from falls and other accidents. The majority of fall injuries take place in a... Read More

“Stop Those Germs” Wordfind

September 5, 2015 — Flu season is upon us! The flu can be a short-term annoyance—but it can cause serious complications and even death, and as we grow older, the risk grows as well. Influenza is just one of the many infectious diseases that can lead to serious complications in older adults, and in people of every age. Increased... Read More

Worried About Memory Lapses?

September 2, 2015 — You need three ingredients for a recipe, so you dash to the grocery store—but once you’re there, you can’t remember one of the items you came for. You go to a wedding reception, and even though you’ve met the bride’s mother before, you can’t remember her name. You say aloud, “Where are my glasses, I’ve... Read More

September 2015 is the First Annual Go4Life Month

September 1, 2015 — Once each decade for the last 50 years, the White House Conference on Aging has been held to examine the pressing issues of our nation’s older adults. During the July 2015 conference, special attention was paid to promoting healthy aging. The conference highlighted five ways our nation’s support systems can support people as they grow... Read More

Medicare Turns 50 But Big Challenges Await

August 27, 2015 — Kaiser Health News takes a look at this important program at the half-century mark. Medicare, the federal health insurance program for the elderly and disabled, has come a long way since its creation in 1965 when nearly half of all seniors were uninsured. Now the program covers 55 million people, providing insurance to one in six... Read More

Study Finds EMTs Are on the Forefront of End-of-Life Care

August 22, 2015 — Paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are trained to save lives. But they sometimes enter situations where a dying patient’s end-of-life wishes contradict their professional code. What do they do when faced with someone who is imminently dying and whose pre-hospital order is “do not resuscitate”? Until recently, the dynamics of that environment were a... Read More

Take the Plunge! Water Exercise Is a Great Choice for Seniors

August 20, 2015 — We all know that exercise is necessary to keep the body and mind in peak working condition. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), staying physically active can help prevent or delay many diseases and disabilities. But as we grow older, exercise can become more challenging due to physical limitations such as joint pain,... Read More

Why Don’t Seniors Get Their Shots?

August 16, 2015 — August is National Immunization Awareness Month, and the week of August 16–22 focuses on adult vaccinations. The National Public Health Information Coalition sponsors this event to call attention to the importance of immunizations for adults. Their “Vaccines are not just for kids” campaign reminds us that seniors in particular are at higher risk of serious... Read More

New Insights into the Health Damage of Loneliness

August 13, 2015 — For years, researchers have confirmed the negative health effects of loneliness. Social isolation raises the risk of depression, heart disease, high blood pressure and a host of other health conditions that decrease both the length and the quality of our lives. University of Chicago’s Dr. John Cacioppo even says, “Chronic loneliness belongs among other health... Read More

“If I Live to Be 100” Wordfind

August 10, 2015 — “If I Live to Be 100” Wordfind Will you live to be 100? Would you want to? More and more of us will reach that milestone, say experts. According to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, there are more than 67,000 American centenarians, and that number is expected to double by 2030. The... Read More

Nurturing Your Spirit in the Later Years

August 6, 2015 — Nurturing Your Spirit in the Later Years Several studies over the past few years have shown that as we grow older, we benefit from thinking about higher things such as beauty, the meaning of life, the things that connect us, our place in the world—in short, the quality that is often referred to as “spirituality.”... Read More