Outsmart the Pain with 100% Drug-Free Pain Relief

Quell® Wearable Pain Relief Technology™ offers pain relief day and night

One hundred million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Quell is an easy-to-use, over-the-counter device that is as discreet as it is powerful.

Fort Medical Equipment is an exclusive provider in the state of Wisconsin. Visit our Retail Showroom for a one-on-one product demonstration or give us a call at 920-568-9860.

Innovative features:

  • Only FDA cleared OTC pain relief device for day and night use
  • 100% drug-free, widespread pain relief
  • Adjustable, breathable sports band
  • Customized to each user to ensure the right therapy dose for optimal relief
  • Bluetooth® technology connects to iOS and Android apps to track therapy and sleep
  • Clinically proven with 81% reporting improvement in chronic pain

Regain what chronic pain has taken from you in as little as 15 minutes

While it can help many individuals suffering from chronic pain, Quell is designed for people with back pain, leg and foot pain, nerve pain, and arthritic pain among others.  It is worn just below the knee and activated by simply clicking a button.  It works with your own body to stimulate the sensory nerves, triggering your body’s natural pain relief response and blocking pain signals in your body.  It even senses with you are sleeping and adjusts to a gentler mode so you can rest peacefully.

Advanced Neurotechnology

Quell’s patented OptiTherapy™ technology customizes therapy dose for each user.  It automatically adjusts stimulation intensity to ensure you receive optimal relief.

Download the Quell Relief smart phone app for iPhone or Android and track the effectiveness of your therapy and the quality of your sleep. Please note that you do not need the app to operate your device.

Our highly trained Quell representatives can teach you how to use your unit and can calibrate it for you right in our conveniently located showroom.

Get Your Life Back Today

Get relief from chronic pain on your terms with Quell by calling or visiting Fort Medical Equipment. We can be reached at 920-568-9860 or visit our retail showroom during our hours of operation.

Quell Resources:

Download the Quell User Manual .

Read the press release announcing Fort Medical Equipment as the exclusive distributor of Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology in the state of Wisconsin.

This product comes with a risk-free 60 day money back guarantee.